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Service is Our Business

We satisfy our client’s through industry knowledge, professionalism, flexibility, ethical practice, and hard work.

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Cable & Communications Collections

3 Step Collections, LLC works diligently in order to reduce past debt with an emphasis to retain the customer and have a positive impact  for our clients.
Retail & Service Collections

Our company will produce a customized plan working with your company to collect past due accounts and retain a good working relationship with your customer. We will conduct your business effectively and efficiently.
Commercial Collections

Our professional debt service plan includes personal phone calls and debt collection letters issued at timely intervals. Follow-up is important and we are aware that our efforts are the last and must be the best and strongest.

In today’s tough economic market, customer service is as critical for customer retention as it is for the growth and reputation of a business. Our representatives concentrate on building and maintaining the relationships valuable to our client.

3 Step Collections, LLC  works with clients to not only manage relationships but  to build unique customer care solutions that build loyalty and increase retention. Our goal is to add value to excellent customer service with each customer interaction.

3 Step Collections, LLC believes that every customer interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Our representatives take the approach of how to positively affect a life and not only how to collect a payment.  Not only do we create a customized solution that is tailored to our clients’ needs, but we do the very same for our customers. By affecting one’s life and making a difference in the community our employees are empowered to collect with an emotional purpose far beyond the industry norm.